Tuesday, April 1, 2014

The Bodyguard

The theme song to the 1992 feature film, The Bodyguard, was the highest grossing of all time. It was the apex of the late Whitney Houston's singing career. Quite a bit of the movie was filmed at Falling Leaf on the shore of Lake Tahoe, NV/CA (the lake bounds both California - up hill from Sacramento and Nevada - up hill from Reno), which is nothing if not a picturesque backdrop to film a love story.

Though both Kevin Costner and Whitney Houston were slapped by critics for less than sterling acting, the film was a huge commercial success.


WoFat said...

If only Whitney could have stayed away from drugs. If only.

LL said...

They wrecked her - and killed her.

She had an unmatched talent and traded it for white powder.

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