Saturday, March 29, 2014

Party Favors

I have been accused by some of being 'cheap'. Some in Mexico, close to my family, accused me of being a pinche Judio (frigging Jew) for cutting fresh-from-the-ocean swordfish strap into steaks that were too thin. (I was cutting at 1.5 inches and they maintained that swordfish steaks should be no thinner than 2 inches) The nickname stuck in some circles and I'm occasionally reminded of my lack of largess at the BBQ some twenty years ago. Mexicans have a long memory, or so it seems.

It's true. There is a certain "accounting brain" function that takes place in my mind. It has served to keep my credit score over 800 but it has also put some people off. Mia culpa.

However bad I've been in the past, I've never stooped this low:

1 comment:

WoFat said...

I've know you for some time and have never, not for a minute, thought of you as "cheap." I suggest you bring forth Bambi and Leather to testify . . . well, maybe not.

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