Monday, March 24, 2014


My last word (for the moment) on the missing Malaysian Airlines flight.

There's no way that the pilot and co-pilot would have hijacked their flight just to drive it into the ocean in the "rough forty" in the South Indian Ocean. The last signals coming from the engines stopped 7 hours after the last transmission "good night". It landed somewhere and people know where that is --- but they're not telling.

Magicians use a trick called 'misdirection' and that's what is going on here.


WoFat said...

I agree.

LL said...

Malaysia has called off the search, saying that the airplane definitely crashed somewhere between Australia and Antarctica and announced that the passengers and crew are lost.


Why did the pilots fly the airplane for EIGHT HOURS to crash it in that (vast area) spot?

It makes no sense at all.

Race Bannon said...

Malaysia has confirmed its place in the Third World. With all the hours upon hours of TV coverage, why do the two Iranians using PREVIOUSLY REPORTED STOLEN PASSPORTS not bother more people. Maybe they were seeking asylum, that is not the point, Malaysian airports have computers right? Allegedly they have thumbprint readers at the terminal? For what?

LL said...

Yeah, it's funny.

The Malaysians say, "The two Iranians with stolen passports don't matter?"


WoFat said...

I was just thinking; it's good to see somebody screw up and it not be us.

Anonymous said...

"Malaysia has called off the search"?
That's not right. If you want people to think your blog is credible, don't be inaccurate.

Anonymous said...

I believe the search is going on where the plane went down.

LL said...

Wow, two anonymous comments.

Malaysia did announce that the crew and passengers are dead. The rest of the world is searching while Malaysia hides the ball --- because just about everyone thinks that they are doing precisely that.

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