Monday, July 21, 2014


I spent some time looking for lease in Northern Nevada.

(1) 2 bedroom. One for my bed, one for my office and hobbies. View of something pleasant better than something unpleasant.

(1.5) Rooms should be spacious.

(2) Prefer a Viking stove and a Sub Zero refrigerator.

(3) Separate shower and soaking tub.

(4) No maintenance.

(5) Tight security

They showed me a 5 bedroom house in the suburbs that backs up to a green field (golf course), with cheap appliances and suggested that I buy, not lease, because leasing is a waste of money.

I said, "I'm living by myself - and I travel at least 50% of the time. You think that I want to live by myself in a 5 bedroom house with only two furnished rooms because I have no need to visit other rooms? They said, "What if friends come over?"

Fruitless search.


jenny said...

Viking stove? :) did you also request that it come equipped with a mule skinning, crop dusting cowgirl who'll cook for you? You'll need a very special realtor to locate a place like that. (I believe an elderly fisherman in northern CA has something on the market...)

WoFat said...

NW Nevada????????????????????????????????

Brighid said...

Jenny, Don't put either of us in that light. We are blog friends only, besides I like him too much to want to do him harm by cooking.

LL: I have friends in the area and will discreetly put the word out. As you know word of mouth is often the way.

jenny said...

of course! I'm only playing-- I will simply never hear the word Viking and not smile now, and what with the cordon bleu stuff... couldn't pass it up. :) sorry!

Coffeypot said...

If friends come over, there is a motel close by. Or, as a kid, they can make a pallet on the floor.

Brighid said...

Jenny, No worries, I figured that but just wanted to make sure. I am lusting after his Viking & Sub Zero appliances.

LL said...

Jenny, I have standards. Just because I am working in the wilds of Nevada doesn't mean that I don't want my food cooled by a sub-Z.

Since this post, my newly hired communications director has been at work tracking a place down for me. No Wolf or Viking stoves, and more's the pity. But I think that it will do. I'll be back in that area later this week and will check it out. When I pull the trigger (likely at the end of this month), I'll report the results.

jenny said...

Sounds like you hired effectively! Hope the apartment works out, too.

Brighid said...

LOL... I can hear it now... Those dang Kalifornia people, moving into the Wilds, want'n Kali stuff, Geez!

jenny said...

What'd you think of the apartment when you went to check it out? Any luck? Just curious.

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