Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Working for a living...

I have four daughters.

I know where my money goes.

I know where my heart lies.

And for their sakes primarily, I sacrificed and worked for a living doing interesting things, but not wild things. We all have to balance the desire for what we want with what is best for the greater good. Was it worth it? Yeah. I think so.


Opus #6 said...

Sweet baby girls!

The Black Widow said...

Yes....I work two jobs for my twins/ one girl / loves everything pink/ one boy who loves swords/hunting etc.....They are 7 now and life is really not about me anymore its about what they need.

You have a great looking family you should be very proud of yourself.....Some days its hard to fime time "To make the Doughnuts"

Have a great weekend / talk next week.

The Black Widow

darlin said...

Your daughters are so beautiful LL, as if you don't already know that. They are equally blessed to have you for a father as you are to have such wonderful daughters.

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