Monday, August 30, 2010

Venezuela: Worker's Paradise

"In Iraq, a country with about the same population as Venezuela, there were 4,644 civilian deaths from violence in 2009, according to Iraq Body Count; in Venezuela that year, the number of murders climbed above 16,000. Even Mexico’s infamous drug war has claimed fewer lives." (LINK)

Venezuela...Another one of those brillian Communist "Paradises". But, have no fear! The great, compassionate leader Hugo Chavez (above), adoringly touted by all those forward-thinking progressives and the left's deep-thinking celebrity entourage, has the perfect solution: the government has ordered the newspapers not to report any more killings!

The intellectual, philosophical and moral pygmys giants of that side of the political spectrum are all in agreement--from Venezuela to Cuba to North Korea to the US-- that the most important thing to do when you haven't a clue what to do, is simply to control reality by controlling the narrative! In fact, for them the reality IS the narrative and nothing more.

Hugo Chavez, a mass murder to his own people, champion to the obama administration, and hero to those petty potentates worldwide who look to his success story to empower their own "progressive" movements.

It's just too too bad that all those people have to continue to be murdered. But in the great scheme of things, the only thing that's real to the American Left is holding onto their own power and their illusions of superiority. Thus, when confronted with a problem in the real world they can't even begin to deal with; or, which threatens their own perception of themselves or their policies, they have to focus on altering and distorting the perception of reality!

With a mainstream media in your pocket, you can simply stop reporting mass murder -- and there is no more mass murder...right?


WoFat said...

Splendid illustration.

Opus #6 said...

More murders than Mexico? That is quite a feat. Disgusting.

LL said...

Opus - It shows a lot of dedicated effort. Mexico is something like 20X the size of Venezuela. Chavez has an immediate and final way of silencing dissent. I have a feeling that barack hussein obama would employ similar methods if he thought he could get away with it.

innominatus said...

It is the fate of dictators to eventually go down. Chavez will go down hard and hurt a lot of others on the way down.

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