Sunday, September 19, 2010

Holy Batmobile

Yes, it's as campy as it can possibly be, but when I was a kid, BATMAN was no joke. It was primetime programming and every kid in North America was glued to the television to see how Batman or Robin would escape from whichever arch criminal had them suspended from a vat of boiling oil.

Last night, I saw the original Batmobile (below).


Opus #6 said...


WoFat said...

I have a set of the Batman movies on DVD. After watching them again I've decided that the only one worth a bugger is the first one. The one with Jack Nicholson as the bad guy, the Joker.

The TV episodes were all crap, but fun to watch when they came out. "Batman! Dum de dum de, Batman!"

Race Bannon said...

I loved the old batman, it seemed like it was from the future. Now that we are in the future, I'm glad its different.

I did like Michelle Pheiffer as catwoman...

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