Thursday, September 16, 2010

The Latest Toys and Goodies

Check out the latest at ASHIMA DEVICES. Pictured above is our new Force Field. You can read all about it on the linked site for Ashima Devices (above).

As Chief Products Officer for Ashima Devices, I'm part of a great team doing some innovative work that makes a difference in real life situations. I'm also on the technical advisory staff at Ashima Arts.

Yes, I do have another day job as is outlined on the Ashima bio, but I'm energized at Ashima by the people I work with and the consumers who are lining up to buy what we're building!!

So if you're interested in one of the ways I spend my days, this is clearly part of it.


WoFat said...

Science fiction fuzz. Looks great. Wish I'd had Force Field, back in the day.

darlin said...

I see that this project is coming right along, it looks impressive and it just might intrigue me to want to learn how to game in all my spare time.

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