Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Defining what is 'cold'

COLD DEFINED by Southern California Standards: When you walk outside barefoot, wearing cut-off shorts and a t-shirt and feel the hint of a chill.  THAT is when you know it's winter.

Some people define it as an evening when you're sleeping with the window open, naked, under nothing but a sheet - and you feel as it it would be better to pull a second sheet over your body.


COLD  DEFINED by Canadian Standards: When you breathe in the air and your lung tissue begins to die due to frostbite. That is when you know that winter is on the way.

But to give them their due, Canadians are simply tougher than normal human beings. They love the cold, they revel in it, and they don't find any discomfort in standing on an iceberg (Canadian beach) in a bikini.

Different nations and regions, 
different standards of warm and cold.


WoFat said...

I think they should have included her whip in the photo.

Opus #6 said...

That rule 5 photo will cause global warming right then and there.

Xmichra said...

lol... okay, I haven't gone out in a bikini, though I have went poar bear swimming (where you dive into a mass of water that has ice and snow all about it). Still. Not like I'd do that today. lol..

But yes, the so-cal version of cold... dude. that is bathing suit weather!

LL said...

Xmichra - It's interesting to see Canadians sitting poolside during the California winter when locals are wearing coats and hats.

darlin said...

LL I'd be right in there on the beach while residents were wearing their winter gear, without a doubt in my mind. Canadians are die hards. I think that we grow a thicker layer of skin living in this insanely cold weather.

I love your second photo, it makes me appreciate the dry, cold winters where I live. The third photo, I'll pass, not due to the cold, I just don't look good in a bikini! lol

LL said...

Darlin, the Canadian beaches are white with ice, not sand... but the young lady seems to have managed a nice tan all the same.

darlin said...

LL, it appears to me that this lady is Eskimo, they generally have darker skin. Just an observation.

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