Wednesday, March 30, 2011

It Feels Like Spring

MY top five signs that Spring is coming:

ONE - The Mercury rose to 89 F here today and it's predicted to be another scorcher with 90 F (32 C) tomorrow. Consecutive days with warm weather mean that it's springtime.

TWO -  The surf report is looking good but there will be a high tide early in the morning and that's not good. Still, it feels like a typical spring surf.

THREE - The gardner may have to mow twice a week to keep the lawn just so.

FOUR - The roses are still in full bloom, the way they've been all winter - but I think we have a few more buds. Tulip season has passed, so it must be spring!

FIVE - I can wear shorts, sandals and a t-shirt all day and all night if I want to and I'm comfortable - and the women are dressing down too. It just feels like spring!

(h/t Darlin' for the idea for this post)


darlin said...

That's not spring, it's summer! I only wish... I might have to seriously look into moving to California! ;-) Awesome post, thanks for sharing your sunshine with those of us who get excited to see the top of a rose bush peeking out from under all the snow! lol

darlin said...

OMG is that your lawn? No wonder you have a gardener! What a beautiful lawn.

Azra said...

LL I'm envious because I hate winter. Although I must say, we're into Autumn and so far the average temperature every day has been 27C with bright sunny skies. So I guess it could have been worse ;P

Opus #6 said...

I had to activate the air conditioner yesterday. Hot, hot, hot!

WoFat said...

Spring. Ba Humbug!

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