Sunday, March 6, 2011

Pigeon Island

(photo from hotel window)
It's a chunk of volcanic rock with a distant view of Port Royal, Martinique and it provided an anchorage for the British Fleet, circa 1778-1780's when the French and British Empires fought for control of the Spice Islands. It also presides over Rodney Bay where those yachts are bobbing at anchor.

Fort Rodney protects the anchorage and serves as a permanent lookout. It also protected the colony on St. Lucia from pirates (Pirates of the Caribbean).

As legend has it, without the fort where it now sits, pirates would have forced women of the town to 'surrender the booty'...

One of three original 24 pound cannon (6" gun) - overlooking the bay.

24 pounder looking across  toward Martinique. There were also two 11" mortars and another battery of cannon outside of the fort itself. A redoubt protected the approaches.

An enterprising company filled in the land between St. Lucia and Pigeon Island in recent years and built a resort on the causeway.


darlin said...

LL if I have this song stuck in my head all day long I'll be blaming you... not that it's going to do any good mind you. You're way over in paradise taunting us with your magnificent photos while at least one of us here in the tundra is sitting with studies and writing more than one short paragraph essays!

Have a magnificent day in paradise! :-)

Euripides said...

One wonders, then, why it wasn't called Fort Booty?

I love that song! I know all 50 versus.

LL said...

Euripides, Booty seems to rule the world...

Darlin, I'm glad you're in the cold and distant north holding down the fort -- a different fort, but a fort all the same.

Opus #6 said...

I heard a version of the bible just recently changed the word "booty" to "spoils". Seems others are on to your idea, LL.

LL said...

Opus - defines booty this way:

–noun, plural -ties.
1. spoil taken from an enemy in war; plunder; pillage.
2. something that is seized by violence and robbery.
3. any prize or gain.

I think that I meant the same thing that meant.

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