Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Mobile Easy

The difference between needs and wants is not all that difficult to determine.

I need a giant ridable hexapod.
Some people need another beer, or want to travel to Las Vegas, Hawaii or the Islands of Greece (been there a lot - not new anymore), or perhaps they want to be the reincarnated Elvis? As for me, I'll settle for a giant ridable hexapod. And yes, I identify this as a need, not merely a want.

Mind you that I'm not demanding that it be equipped with a turret with a cannon on it (that would be a want, not a need).

Lest you think that branding me "a large child" to be insulting, it's not.

General Passing Interest: Dr. Benton Quest invented one of these many years ago to fight evil and they're just now coming into vogue as the US Defense Reutilization Marketing Office (DRMO) is selling them to the general public as novelties much as they sell old ejection seats and submarine periscopes. If you want them, now is the time to get them, before the supply is scooped up by mad scientists.


Opus #6 said...

I know several school-age boys who would be interested.

Xmichra said...

My hubs has a remote intuit robot that looks like this thing. Scares the hell out of the cat.

Race Bannon said...

I'm going to wait until the flying version comes out...

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