Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Was Obama a Foreign Exchange Student?

Was Barack Obama a "foreign exchange student" at Colombia University and Harvard? the bottom line is that nobody knows because he's spent several million dollars sealing those records.

  • He got very bad grades at Occidental College.
  • He managed to get admitted to Colombia and then Harvard.
  • It is unlikely to have 'soared' as a student at Colombia because he didn't leave much of a footprint. He claimed to be part of the Harvard Law Review but he didn't publish anything (which is why there is a law review in the first place).
  • His father, Barack Obama Sr. was a "professional foreign exchange student" from Kenya.
  • We know that young Barry Soetoro aka Barack Obama, has a gift for gab and interviews well. Could he have dropped in under the wire as an Indonesian (foreign) student in the US? There are completely different rules for 'foreign students' looking to enter and American school than there are for Americans. The grade requirements are simply not that high and you don't have to continue to score well to stay enrolled.
We won't know until those transcripts are unsealed.

Since Lolo Soetoro (Indonesian Citizen) adopted young Barack Obama, it's not so far fetched that the lackluster student used that to bolster his 'scam'. I'm not suggesting that Obama jr. wasn't born in Hawaii, but I am suggesting that his education was paid for by others as part of a scheme where the very core is a blatant lie.

I'm not suggesting that this scam disqualifies Obama from being president, but shouldn't we know about those missing Obama years? Neither am I suggesting that he's the "Manchurian Candidate", but in a world where media scrutiny (of Obama's opponents) would seem to be the battle cry, why not unseal the records and PROVE those of we who are speculating on this to be wrong?


Opus #6 said...

You want tax records? Unseal the transcripts!

Race Bannon said...

I wouldn't want my college stuff released - but I wouldn't be quiet about it, I would say, "When I was young and stupid, I was young and stupid." So why is he being quiet?

Why would anybody care about Romney's taxes - newsflash - he's loaded.

Why wouldn't everybody REFUSE to vote for this guy without his college records released?

He probably got in as a foreign student.

LL said...

Race: I don't think that it's about the grades. Everybody goes nuts in college and has more fun than they ought to.

However, his opposition would have a field day with him putting out that he's an Indonesian or a Kenyan foreign exchange student.

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