Sunday, August 5, 2012

My Journey - To Mars

Among my many and admittedly varied business interests is Ashima, the company that designed the Rover Environmental Monitoring Station, built by Centro de Astrobiologia (Spain) as their contribution and flying on the Curiosity Rover, do to land on Mars on Sunday. (The Spanish selected the admittedly phallic design for the instrument covers)
REMS has been designed to record six atmospheric parameters: wind speed/direction, pressure, relative humidity, air temperature, ground temperature, and ultraviolet radiation. All sensors are located around three elements: two booms attached to the rover Remote Sensing Mast (RSM), the Ultraviolet Sensor (UVS) assembly located on the rover top deck, and the Instrument Control Unit (ICU) inside the rover body. (JPL)
Read more here:

Ashima Devices Team
Ashima Research

Curiosity Landing on Mars
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Opus #6 said...

Very cool!

Azra said...
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Azra said...

Wow. If you're going to Mars any time soon, don't forget to take us with you :)

WoFat said...

Mars. Ah, that explains a great deal. Soon you may be going under the nome de plume of 124C41+.

LL said...

Azra, you have a seat on the Mother Ship with your name on it.

WoFat, That is my REAL name. That you know it may blow your cover (I've seen Men in Black).

Opus #6, you can fly the space ship.

darlin said...

Ahem... what about the Canadian? Can I come too? I'll need a new name though, something cool like yours.

darlinC41GBQ :-)

LL said...

I think that a Canadian would round out the multi-national crew quite nicely.


1- Drive to the nearest large shopping mall.
2- Walk to the center court of the mall.
3- Step INTO the water fountain
4- Scream the following three times: This is DarlinC41GBQ, BEAM ME UP, SCOTTY!
5- Someone will be along shortly.

darlin said...

LL What's your phone number? I might need it if Scotty doesn't show up From what I've heard they may allow me one phone call and for some odd reason I'm sure you'll be able to help me get out of the strait jacket, or at least tell me how to do it. After you spring me we'll stop off at my place, pick up an Iris and go plant it in SC. And I'll live happily ever after. The upside, I wouldn't have to worry about these damn studies anymore and I'd be awesome at giving any therapist a run for their money.

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