Friday, February 8, 2013

A Comment on Society

Background: Fired Los Angeles Police Officer Christopher Jordan Dorner, 33, is considered extremely dangerous and armed with multiple weapons. He is accused of killing a college basketball coach and her fiance last weekend, then following through on a vow to kill police by opening fire Wednesday night on three officers, killing one. The lady that he murdered had the unfortunate distinction of being the daughter of a former police captain and attorney who defended him in the case that the Los Angeles Police Department brought against him for lying on police reports.

Dorner wrote a long, rambling manifesto that demonstrated that he's been watching too much television-and posted it on Facebook.

Dorner's complaint - he has been the victim of racial discrimination. Thus he is justified in killing everyone and everyone related to people who make him angry. Dorner is an African-American and feels that he's been singled out because of his race - by the White Man.

Push-back: There has been a lot of support for Dorner on Twitter with people who feel that a killing rampage is socially acceptable so long as the basis for that discontent is racially based. And I find it interesting that the legacy media is painting him as a victim of sorts - while the man who slaughtered school children in Newtown, CN, a couple of weeks ago, was portrayed as a crazed murderer. That may be partly because he praised anti-firearms advocate Senator Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) in his Facebook Manifesto and likes Michelle Obama's new look. (It makes him angry when people refer to the First Lady as a "Wookie".)

Christopher Jordan Dorner...another black man set up by the man.

God speed, Chris Dorner. It's about time someone did something about crooked cops.

Chris dorner i hope you get those who Did what they Did to you. My prayers actually go to him not those other officers.

Yo real shit this Christopher Dorner is a real ass nigga man I respect him

FUCK THE LAPD!!! Chris Dorner is gonna kill all you bitchass cops that have been corrupting LA FOR YEARS.

LAPD needs their asses handed to them for all of the bullshit they have done to innocent people I applaud Christopher Jordan Dorner!

i want this Christopher Jordan Dorner man, to be successful. please get away with it. #besafe and the plot thickens?


Fact Checking: Based on internal LAPD documents (link here), the racial breakdown of the department is as follows:

Male Sworn Police Officers
Latino/Hispanic - 3,455
White - 2,826
Black - 890
Asian - 606
Filipino - 191
Indian - 29
Other - 11

Female Sworn Police Officers
Latino/Hispanic - 828
White - 676
Black - 258
Asian - 100
Filipino - 20
Indian - 7
Other - 3

(as of December 2, 2012)

In California there are more Latino/Hispanic people than there are white people. In the Los Angeles Police Department there are more Latino/Hispanic people than there are white people. The management of the Los Angeles Police Department has varied between white and black police chiefs with roughly equal tenure over the past decade. There are two male assistant chiefs at the Los Angeles Police Department. One is black and one is Latino/Hispanic. The only female assistant chief is white. The rest of management (and there are a lot of management ranks including Detective 3, which is a management position) and they're blended generally along racial lines based upon the number represented in the department with the exception of Captain Grade 3 which has more white men and women than Latino/Hispanic and black.


Opus #6 said...

Immature people blame others for their problems.

Can many people in a race be immature? Not all, because I know responsible people of all races. But it is sad to hear so many people in a particular race blame others for their problems. Things would get a lot better if people of all colors would take responsibility for themselves and for their actions, particularly the CHILDREN that they create. Marriage, work and child-support/visitation come to mind. Bucking down to these tasks would raise kids better educated and with a better work ethic, less likely to blame an entire race of people (never their own race) for their problems.

As for the murderer, he needs to be stopped.

darlin said...

Very well said Opus. Ignorance, nor race justifies murder in my opinion, murder is murder regardless of race.

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