Saturday, February 2, 2013

Super Sunday

I will join many others in viewing the Super Bowl (American Football). Now I really don't care whether the San Francisco 49ers or the Baltimore Ravens win or the XLVII (47th) Super Bowl and earn the title of champion. I will enjoy innovative television commercials extolling the virtues of beer, cola, better rubber bands and the best in automobiles and will BBQ for those attending. And then there is the game. 


Opus #6 said...

Carlin Rocks! Or should I say, rocked.

WoFat said...

Carlin could be very funny. Toward the end he got a bit nasty, but what the hell.

darlin said...

Not I, not even for the commercials. I can think of plenty of other ways to well waste my time! I rely on people like you LL to update me. ;-)

Enjoy the commercials!

LL said...

Opus - Carlin was a true entertainer

WoFat - Because he became a successful entertainer, he turned into a rich, malingering Hector. Still funny - but too progressive for my tastes.

Darlin - I do it to bring the sons-in-law home for the day. Food and Superbowl (bread and circus) work.

Azra said...

I just want to know, what were you snacking on?

LL said...

The game is still six hours away. However I can tell you what I will soon be forking into my gullet.

Appetizers: baked potato skins with "stuff" inside depending on what you like. There is a sort of potato skin bar. The potatoes are covered in course salt, baked, most of the inside scooped out, cheese added and they're baked again. Green onions, sour cream, etc. can be added.

Mild jalapeno peppers (poppers) with the seeds removed, stuffed with Jalisco cheese and then baked with seasoning on the outside.

Cut up red bell peppers (sweet) and 'ranch dressing' or 'onion dressing' to dip them in.

M&M's for those with a sweet tooth.


Because I'm a cheap host the main course consists of hamburgers. It's an American staple and they can be customized by the consumer to suit every taste: cheese, bacon, tomatoes, onions, pickles and condiments to order.

There are Ruffles potato chips, pinto beans cooked with garlic, finely minced onion and celery, and corn on the cob to go with the burgers.


For desert, Texas Sheet Cake (Chocolate)


Beverages options include Coke (in glass bottles, made in Mexico with real sugar instead of the US Coca Cola made with corn starch), Diet Coke, Fresca, and a non-alcoholic fruit punch made fresh.

The fruit punch has fresh: cherries, limes, kiwi, pineapple, ground up in a juicer and some sweet coconut milk blended with a pulpy blood orange base. Add shaved ice to taste.

Azra said...

Sounds delicious. Burgers and coke rank high on everyone's "junk food" menus here.

darlin said...

What time is the kickoff at? Sounds delicious, artery clogging delicious! I've never heard of coke made with real sugar, not that I drink coke, but it sounds interesting. I'm going to look and see if I can find any and do a taste test. Now I want potato skins, yup loaded to the hilt!

Enjoy the game and family LL, teach those young 'uns you call son in laws what life is all about; an ideal time to do it, during Super Bowl! lol

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