Sunday, March 10, 2013

Game of Drones

I do understand that military drone aircraft are the way of the future for a wide number of reasons. However, having them patrol the nation's sky - armed -  is very disconcerting. With the political push-back that the Democratic Party has received for their initial refusal (now "clarified") to rule out attacks without warning and without warrant on unarmed and innocent American citizens, there has been a realignment. 

BUT even with that, the concept of limited government keeping us safe from zombies is much preferred to an aggressive big brother society that's bent on disarming America and controlling all aspects of our lives.

The way it's stacking up, if you want somebody to tell you what portions to eat and how much of a beverage that you can drink (at a time), etc. New York City will babysit you. Yes, Americans need better eating habits, they need to sleep more and they need to spend quality time with their loved ones. But it's a PERSONAL CHOICE.

The concept of a sovereign individual, able to make free choices, is what set "the free world" apart from the "slave states" of the former Soviet Russia, and the present Democratic People's Republic of Korea - to name but two.

Brilliance and creative progress only operate in an environment where they are tolerated and to some extent, rewarded. There are always blind alleys in the road to enlightenment, but it's ok to explore them (without a drone circling overhead sending a video feed to somebody who is second guessing your life).

Twitter Suggestion:  #ReplaceMovieNameWithDrone

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Azra said...

I have a problem with a bunch of people who want to disarm everyone else (literally everyone) and then rule the skies with ammunition. It's like being held hostage on a grander scale - and all anyone has is their *word* that they won't attack innocent people. Since when did the world start trusting politicians?

Anways, I got some others for you:
Revenge of the Drones
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LL said...

Drone on Fire
Drone Wars: Revenge of the Drones
Drone Wars: The Drone's Strike Back

I think that you can go on with this forever....

There have been many genocides - and in each case the people had been disarmed, some trusting in good faith, and then slaughtered.

WoFat said...

Big ass model-airplanes. Can be made by any dedicated hobbyist. Boom.

Opus #6 said...

But we love Big Brother. And Big Brother always tells us the truth (monotone).

LL said...

For the record, I love and trust Big Brother.

The Kool Aid was delicious.

War is peace.
Freedom is slavery.
Ignorance is strength.

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