Saturday, March 2, 2013

Twitter Feed: Obama NOT a Dictator

This is a trivial sampling of the current Twitter Feed: #*YouMightBeADictator*
  1. When you get 110% of the vote in some areas.. The most Saddam was able to get was 99%.
  2. If you think it's cool to sell assault weapons to drug cartels but want to take them away from combat veterans.
  3. If your family costs the American public $1.4 Billion a year to endlessly campaign and vacation.
  4. If the press is not allowed to report the truth without fear of being denied WH access.
  5. You have a forged birth certificate, a 105 year old dead man's Soc Sec #, forged Selective Svc doc, but stay in the White House.
  6. You hid your background to get elected President, but couldn't have passed an FBI security check to be a White House dishwasher.
  7. If you say “American families have been getting battered pretty good over the last 4 yrs” like someone else was in charge…
  8. If you tell the guy who works 16 hours a day that you helped him build his business.
  9. If you have to convince yourself and others that you aren't a dictator,
  10. If you believe you can spend your way out of debt using the people's money
  11. If you don't understand how upsetting it is to hear your wife say "All this for a damn flag"
  12. If you lawlessly allow foreign criminals free on your own soil, just to make a point
  13. If you divide the country into race, class, and party to cause civil unrest!
  14. If your DHS is buying & stockpiling weapons & ammunition while you deny the same to law-abiding citizens.
  15. You always use a teleprompter to ensure you won't actually say what you really mean.
  16. If your wife has more personal assistants than the Queen of England.
  17. If you want to "make it clear" that you're not a dictator.


Opus #6 said...

I hope the next White House occupant re-installs the bust of Churchill.

WoFat said...

I fear our leader is a no class looser who answers only to left wing money.

Azra said...

If he's not a dictator, then he's a mighty fine puppet because sure as hell, *someone* seems to be pulling all the wrong strings.

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