Monday, February 16, 2009

17y x 4g = ?

My fourth seventeen year-old-girl, Emilie, will turn eighteen in May. Fathers who have navigated the rocks and shoals with four girls up to and including the age of seventeen should be issued hash marks for their sleeves.
Oh, our faces show it, our empty wallets are manifest, and the vacant look in our eyes tells the story of raising daughters.

I still think hash marks are in order - or a large medal, like a gong x 4 showing that four campaigns were fought and won (as much as a father 
can ever win when pitted against superior odds.) 

Yes, my sanity fled some time ago. My ego will never be the same, and one of the four (Kelly Lambert-Howard) is expecting a daughter of her own in May. The circle of life.

One day, Kelly will wait up late into the evening as her daughter is out on a date, tapping her foot, pacing the floor, watching the clock. The revenge (a dish best served cold) will be complete... !


Julia@SometimesLucid said...

I can't believe you have raised for teenage daughters and lived to tell about it! I'm not sure who will survive elementary school in our house! Beautiful girls by the way!

Devin and Kelly said...

haha, first of all emilie turning 18 scares me to death! that is not a good combo. Second when my daughter is old enough to date Devin will probably end up scaring the poor guy that she will not be late! but my little baby being a teenager wont happen for awhile, so i got time.

LL said...

Kelly is responsible for some of my white hair.

Devin and Kelly said...

im not gonna lie i probably am! haha

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