Wednesday, February 18, 2009


I found a real editor for my novel WHITE POWDER in New York. 

How cool is that? I'm prepping the manuscript to be sent off to be red lined, X'd out, crossed off, and generally shot to pieces! Unfortunately it's part of the process of getting published. A brutal, painful component of the process of being turned from a writer to an author -- not unlike offering up your first born onto a stone altar for bloody sacrifice.

I have been staying up nights working on the next book, Penitent Man. It's slowly coming together. Building a credible plot and characters is clearly a process.

And welcome JENZARINA to this blog that is devoted only partially to writing. JENZARINA is a talented writer in England, struggling to emerge as a novelist of some stature. As soon as her book comes, out I shall buy several copies not only to read, but to boost her sales in the US of A.


WoFat said...

Let us know when JENZARINA'S book comes out so we can buy a copy.

LL said...

I plan to pimp the heck out of Jenzarina's book when it's in print!

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