Thursday, February 12, 2009

Wok The Dog

In response to a response by Opus, a cat is a good, popular meal. In Asia they prefer their protein fresh and sold live (fish, eels, cats, etc.). Cats in a market are for sale as supper, not as pets. 

The Golden Retrievers I've seen are in the Korean markets - always with a red and blue bow around the neck. It lets the buyer know they're for BBQ'ing. They always look healthy and active because nobody will pay good money for a listless meal.

The caged market cats in China usually look forlorn. While I'm not a cat lover, it's not a pretty sight. 

It's HIGHLY unusual to see a feral dog or cat in Asia. The joke in the USA: 
Q "What do you call a Chinaman with two dogs?" 
A "A rancher."
Is not really that far from the truth.

Rat too, is a source of protein and is widely consumed in Indonesia, Malaysia, China, Indochina, etc. The first place I ate sambal rat was in Suluweisi. Westerners and more particularly, western WOMEN seem to be repulsed at the idea of eating a rat for supper, even one spiced and properly cooked.

For Opus, who is Jewish, I don't think that there is any way to prepare a rat so as to make it kosher unless, of course
you are making sausage/a hot dog.

Then who really knows - more to the point, do you really WANT to know when you're at the ball park enjoying the big game?

In Asia, practical expediency overrules Western prejudice when it comes to eating - though I admit that when I ate scorpions - though they tasted ok, it took a bit of doing to swallow them.

Tastes just like chicken...


LL said...

"The food tastes good but you don't complain,
But that's not chicken in your chicken chow mein."

WoFat said...

On your diplomatic trip to Asia, take MREs with you. Lots of them.

darlin said...

Ewww! I shudder to think that people actually eat rats, dogs or cats. How blessed I am to live where I do!

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