Monday, February 16, 2009

Welcome Natalie

My blog welcomes Natalie Kokareva, from Ishim, Tyumen Region, Russian Federation and her daughter Lisa to the list of readers. In the entry below it indicates that I have four daughters and that's true. Natalie is sort of a fifth daughter, except that she lives a bit far to come for Sunday dinner. Lisa is a bit young to read, but Natalie, who teaches English in the school system, will have her reading this blog before I know it.

Lisa (pictured left) is a budding ballerina and I have it on good authority that she was dressed as a fairy princess for the New Year's celebration in Russia.

The photo (above) of Natalie and Emilie (also pictured in a contemporary photo in the previous blog entry) was taken some years ago.

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Devin and Kelly said...

oh my goodness, Natalie little girl has grown up alot! wowzers!

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