Sunday, July 26, 2009

annoying neighbors

  • Do your neighbors allow their dogs to deposit on your manicured lawn?
  • Do your neighbors have loud parties that run long into the night?
  • Do your neighbors set a bad example for your children by smoking dope?
  • Do visitors to your neighbor's house take up parking spaces in front of your house?
  • Do neighborhood children play baseball in the street - and do those baseballs hit your car?
  • Do your neighbors support Obama hand have those obnoxious stickers on their cars?
Now there is an answer (above).
a suite of street sweepers


Opus #6 said...

In the rarified air at the top of the hill, those problems are a thing of the past. And so are the little kids who would come knocking to play with my little ones. You can take this "good neighborhood" thing too far sometimes, too.

LL said...

The street sweeper would also work against Jehovah's Witnesses passing out magazines. They're against receiving blood transfusions so the sight of the contraption would send them running back down the hill into where the poor folks live on the other side of the tracks.

WoFat said...

I think the street sweeper is a kind and humane instrument.

darlin said...

Note to self, do not live next door to LL and piss him off!

Azra said...

LOL - I'm loving that first poster. Thats hilarious. I would so do that :D

LL said...

It's important that the neighbors know you mean business.

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