Wednesday, July 8, 2009

The Circle of Life

As the father of four girls, I felt much like the daddy cat in the picture above at times. Now two of my girls have little ones of their own and they have their chance in the bucket.

Both grandchildren are coming over today. I've been waiting. My daughters are late - so I won't see the grandchildren before I leave town for work for several days... It's amazing how important the little grandchildren are, how fun they are, and now neat is is to be a grandpa.


Azra said...

Sounds really cool! I wish I had a Grandpa sometimes. Both of mine passed away by the time I was I'm deprived.

Have fun!

Red said...

SO glad you are enjoying the kiddos. Being a grandparent means you get all of the fun and less hassle :-)

The Fien Family said...

Sorry we missed you! Some pregnant lady was in before me for 1 hour (who knows why-she was fine) so I didn't get in until later than I thought I would. Love you! Hope all goes well with everything!

darlin said...

I smiled at this, you are one big teddy bear and this is so sweet! You grandchildren are blessed to have such a wonderful Grandpa!

Have a safe journey.

Becca said...

I hope they're still there when you get back from your business trip.

Anonymous said...

Grandchildren? Yup, you are a wealthy man of great blessings.

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