Sunday, July 19, 2009

Don't Help Me!

The most chilling words you could say to me are simply these: I AM FROM THE GOVERNMENT AND I'M HERE TO HELP.

Why would I say that?

Because nobody can foul things up as completely as the government can. I'm in a position to know. I've worked for the government most of my life and have watched first-hand. Additionally my consulting work today involves interface with the US and other national government entities from time to time and it's - staggering.
  • I don't need a hand-out (from somebody else's pocket).
  • I don't want nationalized healthcare.
  • You don't need to disarm me. With all respect to the police, any fight will be over long before they arrive.
  • I don't want you to inspect my house. It's just fine. All the honey-do's are handled domestically.
  • I don't want you to offer any programs. If I need something, I'll pay for it myself. If I can't afford it, I'll save or get a second job.
  • If I screw up my life, it's MY OWN FAULT. You don't need to concern yourself with "fixing everything for me".
  • Please don't send a thirty-something page census to me, administered by ACORN.
  • No terrorists live here. We may love the flag, oppose illegal immigration, be pro-life, pro-military, pro-police, pro-constitution, anti-transgender adoption, and by so doing fall into a Homeland Security category that throws us on the surveillance list. However, if there are cars parked in front of my house, most of them are likely off-duty cops here for the BBQ.
  • Please don't relocate terrorists from Palestine into my neighborhood.
  • Please don't raise MY taxes to pay for government screw-ups or corporate bail-outs.
The list could be endless.

Don't help me.


Dr. Dave said...

Really, they don't WANT to help you. They want to help themselves. "Helping people" is merely a sham front for "We want you to be our slaves."

Opus #6 said...

You are correct about the bureaucratic penchant for messing things up. It is legendary.

I agree with Dave as well. Many of these governmental forays are with one aim. To take power from you.

Anonymous said...

Good stuff, you nailed it. B.F.

WoFat said...


Julia@SometimesLucid said...

AMEN! Seriously!

When we came to America, we ate government cheese and peanut butter for exactly one week. After that, my father vowed to scrub toilets if he had to so we could stop getting hand outs! Somehow we made it - where there's a will to make something out of yourself, there is a way.

LL said...

That's right, Julia. It all comes down to work ethic.

I think there is a place for welfare as a stop-gap for people who find themselves in an impossible situation. However, it should never be a lifestyle.

I don't know anyone who grew up as poor as I did, except maybe the people in the town I grew up around - but most of them were better off than I was.

It's all about WORKING and enjoying the dignity that comes with work. There is nothing dignifying about taking a hand-out.

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