Friday, July 3, 2009

Fuzzy Logic

Yes I do understand the mathematical concept of "fuzzy logic" and multi-value logic as opposed to binary logic/Bayesian (conditional) probability. That's not quite what this blog post is about.

Fuzzy Logic deals in "degrees of truth" and I don't want to plunge into the mathematics of it. I want to discuss the political application of fuzzy logic. The Obama Administration in their continuing quest to create a new Obamanation use fuzzy logic to sell their programs to the (generally ignorant) American public.

If I was the President of the US, (I'm not because I'm not a masquerading Muslim) and wanted to create a class of voters that were dependent on me, I'd enslave them - addict them to government hand-outs. President Johnson tried it in his Great Society experiment and it worked. Many black people who are on the dole from cradle to grave live in this slave society that the President is working hard to expand. One way to sell this new democratic slavery is to use fuzzy logic to prove the need.

The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 is a prime example of fuzzy logic.
Is it American - yes
Is it designed to impact recovery - not really
Is it reinvestment - no, not really.
Is it an Act by the legislature, approved by the executive - yes.
If it was re-named the Democratic Patronage Payback Act of 2009, it would be much harder to swing it past the American people. Fuzzy Logic is like the spoon full of sugar in the movie, MARY POPPINS, that helps the medicine go down.


Opus #6 said...

Democratic Patronage Payback Act. I like the sound of that.

darlin said...

Just stopping in to say that I appreciate your word choices in "Welcome to the Machine" very well written (said). Now the question is how do you come up with your ideas, you have one heck of a brilliant mind!

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