Thursday, May 6, 2010

Do-s and Don't-s in the Electronic Age

I'm conducting a poll to determine what you think is appropriate and inappropriate:

(is it appropriate to do this while conducting other activities?)

1.   While on the toilet/in the washroom.

2.   During a meal.

3.   During a meeting.

4.   During sex.

5.   While driving a car (to spite the fact that it's illegal in most States).

6.   During sporting or other group events.


Teresa said...

I say Yes to #2 and #6.

WoFat said...

Texting? Twittering? NEVER while driving. NEVER!! Ditto to talking on cell phone.

I Text not, nor do I Twit. I do speak on a cell phone. I use it for long distance calls.

Text? Twit? Pleeese.

Opus #6 said...

I see tweeting or texting as the equivalent of reading a book (except it involves a bit of writing as well). So where it would be wrong to read, it is wrong to tweet/text.

When you say at a meal, I say NO if it is a meal with others, just as you would not whip out a large book and start reading and ignoring the table full of family. If you are eating cereal alone, have at it. Tweet/text to your heart's content. At a sporting event? Is the person you went with expecting to hold a conversation? Maybe put away the cell phone. Or are they otherwise engaged? Then go ahead and read (tweet, text).

It is all a matter of being polite.

And never ready War and Peace while driving.

As for what activities people do in the washroom, I really couldn't say. Nor should you. ;-)

darlin said...

Twitter?? Is that some new kinky way of having sex?

In the washroom... at your own risk, you might accidentally drop your phone in the toilet.

NEVER during a meeting, meal with others, or driving.

During sex... depends on how good the sex is and how fast you'd like to tweet about it, mind you I don't think that I'd take the time to tweet if it was that good... I'd wait.

During a sporting event...yes unless the Oilers actually make it to the playoffs, then no time to text or tweet. But we won't have to worry about that until they get a team together!

Have a great weekend LL, I hope that I helped with your poll. :-)

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