Sunday, May 30, 2010


We need to show more sympathy for these people.
* They travel miles in the heat.
* They risk their lives crossing a border.
* They don't get paid enough wages.
* They do jobs that others won't do or are afraid to do.
* They live in crowded conditions among a people who speak a different language.
* They rarely see their families, and they face adversity all day ~ every day.

I'm not talking about illegal Mexicans ~ I'm talking about our troops! Doesn't it seem strange that many Democrats and Republicans are willing to lavish all kinds of social benefits on illegals, but don't support our troops, and are even threatening to defund them?


Opus #6 said...

U.S. soldiers ROCK!

Coffeypot said...

Politicians or not, I will raise a beer to the fallen and say a silent prayer for them and their families.

WoFat said...

Time and again they are called. Time and again they answer.

darlin said...

Wow, that's unreal that the troops aren't looked after but as you mentioned the illegals are. I say send the illegals to the front lines, see if they are willing to risk their lives to defend the country who is taking them in. Make the illegals work for their keep. Ooops, did I just type that?

AmandaFienPhotography said...

hahahah I knew there was going to be a twist:) But it is so true and sad at the same time.

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