Thursday, June 10, 2010

Agent 13

Some of you are old enough to remember the television series "Get Smart". The series featured a number of innovative spy gadgets (most of them just a little daffy). There were also a number of very serious actors playing the role of secret agents.

None of them was nearly so clever nor so secret as Agent 13.

For those of you who feel as though you might have missed out on something in life - you always wanted to be a secret agent but settled for a job as a greeter at WalMart - there is a solution. (CLICK HERE)


Bitmap said...

That would make a great hunting blind.

Coffeypot said... many did you order?

I can see the use of one at a nude beach.

Opus #6 said...

LOL! That little thing was really cute.

LL said...

I think the genius of the nude beach scenario would be dependent on the GENDER of the people present. The idea of being inside one of those at a sausage fest is -- well it's gross.

darlin said...

How many did you buy? And how did you find this, what did you type in the search bar? Movable hedges? LOL

LL said...

Darlin, I haven't taken the plunge yet. But the idea of having my own movable hedge/surveillance platform is very appealing!

WoFat said...

Huuuuuummmmmmmmmmmm. Very interesting.

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