Sunday, June 13, 2010


It's a Dali photograph, which makes it famous. However, I must say that I like the sculpture. Art is one of those things that piques your interest and your imagination.

Clearly, art is a big part of 'my journey'.


WoFat said...

Looks like a mascot for Orange County Soccer.

Teresa said...

That is an interesting sculpture.

darlin said...

LL what do you see/feel when you view this art? I'm just curious is all.

Opus #6 said...

Reminds me of the Bruin bear of UCLA, where I spent a lot of time this weekend.

LL said...

Darlin' - Strength, sort of a biological version of a military vehicle - armored and mobile. I like the Asian flair in the creation and the oxidized copper (green).

The color "turquoise" appeals to me.
I made a study of everywhere turquoise was found in Nevada. I overlaid maps from the US Geological Survey, publications from the Nevada School of Mines and locations from old books on mining copper (since copper imparts the color to what would otherwise be white stones) -- and have done some rock hunting because I'm fond of turquoise. I have not fully exploited my research. But there's always time to do that.

Opus - I think the Rhino has the same emotional strength as the bear/bruin.

darlin said...

Now I get what it is you see, thanks for sharing that LL. When I looked at it with a closed mind I wondered what in the heck does LL see in this? ... instead of opening up my mind I just asked. I also figured that we wouldn't see the same thing in this rhino. I also learned a some new things from you today, thank you.

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