Monday, June 28, 2010


A Late Father's Day

Because I was out of town on Father's Day, the girls came over yesterday and we did Father's Day then. I don't know if the last typed line is a typo or not. I leave it for all of you to decide.

Anyway, I'm headed to Long Beach, California today to pick out a bicycle. My daughter, Heather, moved to the Historic District in Long Beach where she now lives in a cottage near the beach (yes, very cool). The bicycle will be domiciled there in her carriage house. Yes, it's an actual historic carriage house that dates to 1905, remodeled now. So I can go to the beach, pull the bicycle out of the carriage house and ride sea-side to my heart's content. 


darlin said...

Wow, this is so awesome LL! Hmmm let me think... yup they are ALL your favorite.

And way to cool to have a beach house AND a carriage house, I'm looking forward to seeing photos, plenty of photos, of the beach, bike and the carriage house!

Have a fun day picking out your new bike, I'd LOVE to be the salesperson at the store... just because! :-)

LL said...

Darlin - First I have to decide WHICH bicycle I want. I'm usually decisive in such matters, however, the girls have imposed a spending limit on me. If I exceed the limit (and I don't think they want me to), I'll have to throw down my own cash -- but then it wouldn't be a gift just from them.

Amanda, my oldest, suggested a flat black stealth beach cruiser. So I'll have to consider that. Heather (beach resident) bought a bicycle from this very same shop and she chose a black and white bicycle, the color of a police cruiser. Heather was searching for a name. I suggested "Carlos" and it stuck!!!

darlin said...

Well now if you see something other than the spending limit I'm sure that at least the favorite daughter will understand.

Carlos, that is an awesome name. I now remember why I love that name... my next husband is going to be a Carlos, Carlos Marin! Can you arrange a meeting with him for me? ;-) I'll even pitch in the extra if need be for the bike, that way it will still be a gift!

Back at the farm... weeds are a callin'.

Coffeypot said...

Very cool gift. And Long Beach...I was homeported there. I understand I wouldn't recognize the place from the way it looked back in the 60's. Pike is gone, the Serviceman's YMCA is gone. But the name of the place brings back some great memories.

WoFat said...

Splendid gift. Be sure and listen to old Beach Boys music and you ride along.

Anonymous said...

Cool bike LL! Comment to Coffeypot...I used to serve sandwiches at the Serviceman's Center in Long Beach with my dad in the 60's. After a day of volunteer work he'd take us to "The Pike" as a reward!. Nothing like that old wood rollercoaster!

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