Thursday, June 17, 2010

Retro - Perspective (5)

This may (or may not) be my last look back in time.

WoFat, have you taken your thorazine today?

My parents gave me a razor to use when I took a bath too. 
They said something about letting natural selection do it's 
best. I'm still here so it must have been a good idea.

Is poor female hygiene ruining your marriage? Have
you ever considered using Lysol? Maybe now's the time!
As the ad states, three times more women use Lysol to fill 
that need than ANY other solution. And the man in your life
will appreciate it. Scenario: "Oh, baby, I can't keep my hands
off you! You smell just like Lysol tonight!

If you notice that you're having problems with make-up
you might want to consider asking to have your head put
into one of these beauty micrometers - by Max Factor!

Is life getting you down? Do you need something to 
dull the everyday grind? Have you considered heroin?

This ad makes me want to go out and eat sausage!

Now this is what ALL women should be
wearing to achieve that perfect shape that
all men are looking for. Amaze your friends
with your suddenly perfect figure - Only 
$1.00 for the discount model $5.00 for the
industrial strength corset. Now you know 
the secret of the old Hollywood Stars!

She looks a lot happier now.


WoFat said...

I think he corset lady is a real honey.

darlin said...

I want one of those corsets and maybe a smidge of the heroin so that the corset doesn't bother me all that much.

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