Friday, May 21, 2010

Illegal Aliens are ALL Criminals

As unfair as this will sound to bleeding hearts, progressives, barack hussein obama style utopian socialists and the Democratic Party which sees itself losing legions of potential Democratic Party voters, anyone who violates the Immigration and Nationality Act Title 8 U.S.C. §~ 1101-1503 commits a felony. A felony is a crime. Anyone who commits a felony is by definition, a criminal.

Under Title 8 Section 1325 of the U.S. Code, "Improper Entry by Alien," any citizen of any country other than the United States who:
  • Enters or attempts to enter the United States at any time or place other than as designated by immigration officers; or 
  • Eludes examination or inspection by immigration officers; or 
  • Attempts to enter or obtains entry to the United States by a willfully false or misleading representation or the willful concealment of a material fact;
has committed a federal crime.

In fact, of course, they, approximately 12-38 million strong, are already occupying (illegally) large swaths of the great American landscape.

Therefore, Arizona Governor Brewer’s message, as set forth in SB 1070, should be seen as acknowledgement of the fact that it is the responsibility of government to prevent even more invasions, AND to identify the criminals already here in order to process said violators for one-way tickets back to Mexico, or other nation of origin.

It sounds so simple and logical that one wonders: Why are we still debating the issue?

Then one witnesses Democrat traitors in Congress groveling before Mexican President Calderon with standing ovations for his meddling assault on the rule of law in Arizona and it all makes sense again:

SB 1070 is urgently needed to counter the anti-American scheming of Marxists whose only priority is to grow the base of the Democrat Party, even if it means decimating the American economy, homeland security, common language, social order, educational system, and cultural heritage.

Power is power is power is all that matters to the radical left as defined by the regime of barack hussein obama.

Despite the lunatic barking of deranged racists like Al Sharpton, the cities of San Francisco and Los Angeles, La Raza everywhere, and the Democrat Party in general, Governor Brewer’s common sense solution to a persistent problem is spreading. As reported in a National News Release by Americans for Legal Immigration (ALIPAC), seventeen states are now working to incorporate legislation similar to SB 1070 in their own state law. And none of those states are trembling in fear of Mexican President Calderon.


Moving on -- Arizona's former governor, Janet Napolitano -- the obama Secretary of Homeland Security presented this bill to the previous administration for costs incurred by the state by ILLEGAL Aliens:
$1.6 billion from Arizona's education system, $694.8 million from health care services, $339.7 million in law enforcement and court costs, $85.5 million in welfare costs and $155.4 million in other general costs. Today, she is mute on the issue.

Today, John Morton, an offical at the Bureau of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), told a reporter in Chicago that ICE may not neccessarily process illegal aliens turned over to them from officials in Arizona. Therefore even if they're surrendered to the US Government with appropriate supporting documentation, the Federal Government will IGNORE the law. It's very interesting to see that an entire arm of the Federal Government chartered to do one thing: Immigration and Customs has refused to do it.

Thanks barack hussein obama. This is the hope and change you promised.


Opus #6 said...

This whole ICE refusal thing has me seeing red. Why are these people employed?

darlin said...

Unbelievable. My bleeding heart goes out to the citizens of the United States. The recession hit so many people extremely hard, times were super tough with so many people losing their homes and your government is spending billions of dollars looking after illegal immigrants... well now something here just doesn't add up.

Great to see you back here again LL, enjoy your weekend!

WoFat said...

Illegal. The word is in the dictionary. It means - illegal.

Mentally insert curse words in above sentence in appropriate places. Such descriptives are not usually used in a high-class blog like this.

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