Friday, April 15, 2011

H1's and a few FJ's

I spent my day gainfully running around in the mountains near Big Bear Lake in Southern California, crushing rocks and possibly injuring federally protected rodents and splattering federally defended insects on my windshield!

The Psycho Hummer's Club invited a few of us on a run today. They have a sweet set-up in the mountains that includes a RARE private fishing lake for the kids. Camp Psycho is the home to these guys who drive $150K rigs with the only requirement for membership being, "If it looks as if it's impossible on the trail, you should try to do it!" Thus they are psychos and I fit right in.

Private Lake in the desert, stocked with Bluegill.

The vehicle line-up on top of the White Mountain grade.

The Scorpion FJ left all of those H1 drivers with Toyota envy!

A random shot of rigs on the trail.

The Hummer H1 weighs over double what a Toyota FJ weighs and they're powered by a turbo diesel engine where ours run on six cylinder gasoline engines. The FJ is smaller, more nimble and on the trail today, the carnage was more or less equally meted out between both types of rigs.

* I became stuck in a snow drift (no photo) higher on the mountain and had to be recovery-strapped out of the mess I was in.

* One of the H1's had an electrical fire under the hood. (the rig pictured above)

* One of the H1's had a computer failure that impacted the functionality of the traction control sensor.

* One of the FJ's (not mine) had a fuel malfunction that more or less righted itself.

We were the first rigs of the season along the moderate difficulty factor trails we drove today. But a good time was had by all. My daughter, Emilie, originally planned to attend but illness at the last minute kept her from the run.


Opus #6 said...


Sorry to hear Emilie is not well. I hope she gets well soon.

darlin said...

Now this sounds like a ton of fun! Next time your daughter cancels send the private jet out to pick me up and I'll join you guys for a day. I'll be the photographer if you can pry my knuckles off the dashboard! ;-) Great shots.

I hope Emile isn't too ill and she gets well soon.

WoFat said...

Psycho Lake. Yep, you'd fit right in.

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