Friday, April 8, 2011

What's On My Mind?

Do any of you readers know 
what I'm thinking about right now?

Ok, don't say "sex" because guessing that way with a man gives you an unfair advantage...but I digress.

As a father of four daughters I have found that to be one of the most aggravating traits of the Female of the Species. My dear daughter, Heather is expecting a boy on August 18th (my third grandson). Though Heather is incredibly dear to me as are all my girls, she has defaulted to the "but Dad, you should have known" scenario.

Take two days ago, when wearing her new pregnancy outfit, she asked me, "do I look pregnant?" I replied, automatically, "yes you do?"


"You shouldn't have asked."

"You should have KNOWN that I wanted you to lie."


Guys get sucked into these things all the time, involuntarily, and with some rancor resulting from our ignorance of the proper response.

Emilie, my youngest daughter, has caught on. She sweeps into my office, disrupting my work, and asks, "Am I not the most beautiful girl you've ever seen?" I respond, "yes", knowing that is the desired response unless her clothing is TOTALLY in appropriate, in which case, there is a discussion where she reminds me that she's 19 years old and I remind her that I brought her into the world and can take her out again.


Opus #6 said...

Our children are our greatest joy and our worst critics.

Euripides said...

My children just have to put up with my candor. It's the price of admission as part of my family. Maybe that's why no one asks me what I think anymore....

WoFat said...


Ummmmm, usually works with me.

darlin said...

LL with 4 beautiful daughters who are all over the age of 18 I'm surprised that you don't have the smile and nod down to an art. Never try to figure out women, I'm female and can't figure myself out. I'm going to study the psychology of women next and if I learn anything new I'll pass it on to you.

LL said...

Darlin, there are two theories to explain what makes women tick -- both of them are wrong.

Xmichra said...

lol... @ this whole post, future posts like it and you comment up there... lol....

I have nothing useful for you either LL, since you haven't learned the "tricks" in the last 4 stages of womanhood I think you're just doomed to repeat ;)

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