Monday, April 18, 2011

The King goes free

This is an after action report on the capture, captivity and release of Rex, the lizard. As it turns out, my two year old grandson wanted NO PART of the lizard. I asked him if he wanted to go into the mountains with me to release him and he said, "No, I'll stay with my brother, Cannon." 

A photo of me holding Rex, king of the Great 
Horned Lizards, prior to his release.


Opus #6 said...

LOL. Glad to hear that Rex is healthy and hale.

darlin said...

I don't blame your grandson one wee bit for not wanting to have any part of this lizard, lizards are creepy! lol That's so cute he wanted to stay with his brother, way to cute. :-)

Euripides said...

What a great memory! We used to catch those all the time. Give the grandson a few more years. Catching "horny toads" was a much better activity than any video game.

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