Saturday, July 31, 2010

Do Sea Kittens taste good?

PETA has launched a campaign - and I'm not going to link to it here because I don't want to give them a modicum of satisfaction with a link - to Save the Sea Kittens.

I've never eaten a sea kitten, but I will if they're worth eating.

I do like eating the right cat, 
much as former President George W. Bush does.

barack hussein obama clearly does NOT prefer
any sort of kitten. Michelle bites back.

Former President Clinton clearly does like cat
---- in the form of an intern.

But I don't think it's the same thing as a sea kitten.

I understand that PETA wants to save them.
I'm not sure WHY.


Stephanie Faris said...

I'd never heard of them! But that George W. picture photoshopping is unbelievable!

Opus #6 said...

Maybe most PETA activists lean toward the kitten persuasion themselves.

WoFat said...

Re: Photo of Sea Kitten.
I once had a sergeant who looked like that.

Amusing Bunni said...

I don't like those sea kittens, only real ones.
Peta has some crazy ideas.
Have a nice weekend, and that pic of Bush is funny.
I know he does not eat kittens.

Xmichra said...

Peta is overly involved in the wrong things. Stopping animal cruelty is one thing, but the sea kittens thing is really... mentally stunted. Especially since all they did was re-name fish, to fish kittens, to try and prove a point. "you wouldn't eat a kitten would you?".

Probably not. Not enough meat on them (and domestic kept would taste like wiskas).

The ethical treatment of animals, I agree with. But the food chain doesn't stop just because you don't like it.

Anonymous said...

that george pic. is horrible ive never heard of sea kittens before

Anonymous said...

I don't think those trying to save Sea Kittens know what they are either, maybe its because they think its what the name suggests, kittens.

Anonymous said...

Just a reminder of the end times, losing respect for elders.

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