Sunday, July 25, 2010


There I was, getting ready to tackle Black Bear Trail from Ouray, Colorado to Telluride, Colorado, thinking that all was well. One of the guys who was planning on making the run with me asked, "did you know you had a differential leak?"


He pointed, I gasped. (see above)

So it's Friday morning and I need to get a new seal for the differential on the right rear wheel. I called around and nobody who has the knowledge and equipment to fix it was able to fit me in. I didn't want to beat up the truck on hard trails (I had planned to finish up in Colorado on Friday and move on to Moab, Utah). With little alternative, I limped the rig home (17 hours on the road, only stopping for gas and to keep an eye on the leak).

The Scorpion ('07 Toyota FJ Cruiser) (above) made it back and just needs to be cleaned up. The picture doesn't graphically express how dirty the truck is. With the exception of the trail carnage explained in this blog post, the trip was GREAT.


WoFat said...

It's like cancer. You don't really see it, only the results.

LL said...

Yeah. I'm not sure what I'll find but I think it's just the seal and a new set of wheel bearings perhaps.

I tend to replace anything that looks as if it might fail because I hate the thought of walking out of some hell hole with my rifle and canteen. I've done it before but it's not at all fun.

Opus #6 said...

Glad you got home safe with that leak and all.

darlin said...

Sorry to hear your trip was cut short LL, all will be well in no time at all and you'll be back climbing through mountains.

Your journey was interesting, thanks for sharing it here.

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