Saturday, July 3, 2010

Independence Day Thoughts

I went into the Credit Union to make a deposit the other day. The lady on the CCTV screen (bullet proof glass isn't good enough) offered me a car loan at 1.9%. I declined. They push loans at me these days.  It's part of how the government is trying to restore the economy. We borrow TRILLIONS of dollars or just print money and try to throw it into the system to "stimulate" spending.

I met next-door neighbors at COSTCO while loading up on food for our Independence Day party. I live on a short street in a nice neighborhood -- and ignore most of the neighbors' personal lives. The neighbors told me that three houses on our street are up for government auction. They stopped making house payments two years ago - and bought toys (boats, cars, vacations, etc.) with the money they "saved". The toys clog their driveways. These days the government subsidizes people who do that -- with borrowed money.

There is a reckoning coming to this country and it's not going to be pretty. The fools in Washington DC are trying to stave off disaster because they don't know what to do. Their cheerleaders in the state-run/mainstream media swoon in their brutish corruption.

You may call me nostalgic for an America I used to know and you'd be right. Yesterday the US Congress couldn't decide on a budget. So there were no discussions of what our $1.12 trillion dollar budget would be spent on. For the first time in history, they "Deemed" it as having passed, voted and in effect, spent it without even knowing how it would be spent.

We're going to have a party at my house to celebrate Independence Day. Food will flow and there will be fireworks at night. The pool will be warm and inviting for those who want a dip and by all accounting, the weather will be perfect. But all is not well.


Opus #6 said...

We need independence from the criminals running our government.

WoFat said...

Government by desks. The desks are winning. Nobody is to blame for anything, except those the Main Stream Media – who has our good at heart – tells us are at fault.

darlin said...

Some things I just don't get and this is one of them. How can a person not pay their mortgage for two years and still live in the home? That wouldn't happen here, three months and on the fourth there's a sheriff at your door and that's it, you're out.

I'd be at the party but that's not enough notice. Next time give me at least a months notice please, time to drop the extra five lbs. so that I can wear my bathing suit to the pool party. :-) Thanks just the same and a Happy Independence Day... or as happy as it can get with the state of affairs America appears to be in.

LL said...

Darlin - the present regime in power in Washington DC is of the opinion that they can maintain their position in office by borrowing money and in effect, bribing the taxpayers with their own tax money.

However, you'd be welcome at the party in swimsuit or casual poolside apparel.

darlin said...

That's plain out nuts to keep digging the hole bigger and bigger, where is it going to all end?

I'll take a rain check on the pool party, too much work to get done on this end before I hit the books again but thanks!

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