Saturday, July 17, 2010


There is a hopeless romantic inside of me (deep inside) (very deep inside) (don't bother looking because a camouflaged face with a sniper rifle is looking back at you). Still, I have some favorite films that are based on a romantic premise. This is one of them - a sleeper - circa 1986 -  you may never have seen it. However, it's out there in DVD format.

"This tale of doomed romance is set against the backdrop of the Vietnam War... Ken Wahl stars as Dr. Don Jardian, a Navy medical officer assigned to duty in Vietnam. Jardian is no flag-waving patriot, however; the reluctant warrior is just biding his time until he can return stateside and start a lucrative private practice. Then he meets and falls in love with Deborah Solomon (Cheryl Ladd), a devoted nurse who at first keeps the handsome doctor at bay, disgusted by the avariciousness that led him to choose what Deborah considers a noble profession. Eventually, however, Deborah's selflessness inspires Don and their romance blooms despite their bloody surroundings, leading to a dangerous mission that could separate them forever."


darlin said...

Sounds interesting LL, I'll watch for it next time I'm out renting movies which won't be until the snow flies.

There is a romantic inside of you, I seen that in the novel you wrote... you big teddy bear you!

WoFat said...

I worry about you.

LL said...

WoFat -- Cheryl Ladd does it with a Naval officer...

Sorry, it's one of those persistent fantasies.

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