Monday, July 19, 2010


The city is named for the wife of the apple farmer who first settled here. It's a beautiful city, surrounded by red rocks that are quite splendid. As with many places, Sedona is better experienced than photographed.

But I digress. I was here today looking at real estate (a vacation home perhaps) and while I was looking at a house with the owner/builder and real estate agent, the name barack hussein obama came up. Those who know me understand that I wear my heart on my sleeve in regard politics so I expressed myself bluntly on the subject -- and waited for the blowback. Both people smiled at me and said that they felt the same way I did -- and asked my why I sugar-coated my feelings.

Then I realized that I was standing in Arizona (a no-obama zone), the State of the Union that barack hussein obama encouraged Americans to boycott because they opposed ILLEGAL immigration. It's the state where the capitol city, Phoenix is quite literally the kidnapping capitol of the world -- because of narcotics cartels and illegal immigrants.

I went to put fuel in my truck and found that gasoline is over .30/gallon cheaper here than it is in California. Then again, Arizonans are not supporting 33% of all welfare recipients in America. Likewise property taxes (should I buy a house) are much lower than they are in California.

I looked at one property in a gate guarded community - that comes with a large gym, pool, racquet club - nice/new and asked what the association fees were. The agent dipped her head and said $650. I was OUTRAGED! I said, "$650 a month is what you'd pay in "occupied America" (a term I use for the Kalifornia Republik)." (**The Mello-Roos assessment in many neighborhoods in Southern California exceeds that amount and all you get is parkway maintenance - people cut the grass on the area next to the road). Red faced, she clarified that it's $650 per year. Another property we looked at had an association fee of $25 per year. After that she was more careful to point these things out in a way somebody from California.

I went to a cowboy restaurant for dinner tonight and at least half of the guys there wore holstered handguns (legal in AZ). There is a very low crime rate in Sedona. In California, nobody is allowed to carry firearms and the crime rate is very high. I felt naked, so I walked out to my truck, pulled on my .45 handgun, and walked back inside. Nobody said anything about it. A deputy sheriff came in for dinner and he wasn't bothered at all by the large number of citizens there who were willing to back him up if there was a problem. Yes, I nervously fingered my California police badge in my pocket in case somebody challenged me. But nobody did. An armed society is a polite society.

Tomorrow I move on to Telluride, Colorado.


darlin said...

Wow, condo fees of $625 per year! That's unreal and to be able to carry a gun... this is like something out of a movie. LL I seriously have never heard of such a thing, even hunters here can't pack their guns without locking them up and swallowing the key!

Sedonna looks like and sounds like an extremely interesting place.

Opus #6 said...

Too bad they had to colorize that second picture you put up. No way it could be that pretty for real.

LL said...

That's not colorized. It's the color of the rocks. I know the clouds look a bit pink, but the landscape actually looks like that. There are well over a dozen of those sorts of "monuments" of red rock throughout and around the city. That sort of landscape is why you have a lot of people building really nice homes in Sedona. And as pretty as that is, Oak Creek Canyon is even more beautiful (Hwy 89A from Flagstaff to Sedona).

AmandaFienPhotography said...

Our association fees are $135 a month...and we don't have a gym. Not fair!

WoFat said...

Sounds like a nice place, but it has too many scorpions.

The Watcher said...

I've been giving thought to where I'd relocate after my parents pass on, since where I live (Wisconsin) is WAY too pricey for me. I'd been thinking Texas, but I'm going to add Arizona to my list as well.

Xmichra said...

My grandparents used to go to Arizona once a year, typically in November. They loved it there. I'd like to think that if they weren't burdened with the crappy aunts & uncles (their children who are emotional and monitary vampires) that they would have eventually made it there to live. They would have liked that.

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