Thursday, February 10, 2011

A Cheap Shot at Academia

The goal of liberals in general is to take control of other people's lives. It's manifest today by their push to remove toys from McDonald's children's Happy Meals. We see it in the way they want to regulate the temperature of coffee served at Starbucks and in the radical, nonsense of the Global Warming campaign, necessitating regulations as to the temperature of your home, whether or not you should be able to drive a car and so forth. They absolutely need the environment to be on the verge of catastrophe; just as they need victims for whom they can champion so that they can keep this image of themselves as being heroic, compassionate, champions of the oprressed (including the oppressed planet). They simply cannot accept that they desire power; that they want to control others; that, from a psychological perspective, they are not much different than any other dictator or authoritarian ruler who sees himself "above" the common masses. ("All pigs are equal but some are more equal than others" - Orwell)

We see this same psychological pathology in academia's bizarre justifications and rationalizations as to why their ranks are practically devoid of conservatives. Liberals, who are usually quick to assume that underrepresentation represents some form of discrimination--structural or personal--suddenly become fierce critics of the notion that numerical representation means anything when the scarcity of conservatives in their ranks is challenged. Moreover, they start generating explanations for the disparity that sound suspiciously like some old reactionary explaining that blacks don't really want to go into management because they're much happier without all the responsibility. Conservatives are too stupid to become academics; they aren't open new ideas; they're too aggressive and hierarchical; they don't care about ideas, just money. In other words, it's not our fault that they're not worthy.

The social/psychological delusionist chooses to remain delusional in order to protect their self-image or their hidden motivations or to preserve an ideology that does not work in the real world. They do not want to accept reality and prefer instead to claim their dysfunction is the only reality.


Opus #6 said...

It wouldn't be so scary except this is where we send our children during their delicate formative years.

On Fox I just heard of a Jr. High substitute teacher in Chicago showed Brokeback Mountain to the kids instead of teaching MATH. WTH!

darlin said...

Does the best education not begin at home? Educational institutions can teach our children whatever they choose to it seems these days but if values, virtues and good old common sense are learned at home then the child has a chance to formulate his/her own opinions. Just a thought.

LL said...

Opus - showing a homosexual movie to kids instead of teaching math should be grounds for dismissal and cancelation of a teaching credential. I don't see any way around that.

Darlin - everyone has to find their own way in life and decide what's important and what is not. However institutions of higher and lower learning are deviating from their mission.

WoFat said...

How are kids to tell who, if anyone, is telling the truth?

LL said...

WoFat - It's tough to tell kids to actually believe what they learn in school.

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