Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Persuasive Postmodernistic Rhetoric

Obama, the perfect postmodern President is a master at the art of rhetoric--which is at the heart of all progressive postmodern leftist attempts to obtain and consolidate power. With postmodern rhetoric you can "talk" tough, but carry a limp stick. You can say whatever your audience at the moment wants to hear and still be philosophically consistent when you do exactly the opposite. Or you can say the opposite to a different audience since truth is not the objective; only manipulation and deceit to achieve the desired political effect. 

It's a sleight of hand known as using "contradictory discourses" and it is a political strategy where truth is rejected explicitly and consistency is an extremely rare phenomenon. What matters more than truth (or honesty) is achieving the desired political outcome (i.e., getting others to believe what you want them to believe about what you believe). 

For the postmodernist, language cannot be cognitive because it does not connect to reality, whether to an external nature or an underlying self. Language is not about being aware of the world, or about distinguishing the true from the false, or even about argument in the traditional sense of validity, soundness, and probability. Accordingly, postmodernism recasts the nature of rehtoric. 

This explains the harsh nature of much postmodern rhetoric. The regular deployments of ad hominem, the setting up of straw men, the regular attempts to silence opposing voices are all logical consequences of the postmodern epistemology of language. Stanley Fish calls all opponents of racial preferences bigots and lumps them in with the Ku Klux Klan. Andrea Dworking calls all heterosexual males rapists and repeatedly labels "Amerika" a fascist state. With such rhetoric, truth or falsity is not the issue: what matters primarily is the language's effectiveness.

In postmodern philosophy and rhetoric, the left and its mouthpiece Obama have found the perfect epistemological, ethical and political vessel to reassert their ideology--an ideology that requires the willing suspension of reality by its adherents to "win the future."


WoFat said...

The "cartoon" sounds very, very realistic.

Opus #6 said...

People without honor. Anything to achieve their ends. They accuse us of what they do every day.

Euripides said...

To an ideologue such as Obama, none of your facts can ever get in the way of his Truth.

Attempting to silence speech is endemic to such postmodern rhetoric. This, because such rhetoric will fail every time when confronted with real arguments and truth.

Anonymous said...

your analitic posts are a such pleasure to read for me!:)
I'm sorry ,that i have not visit your blog since long time,i have skipped too much captivating comments of you...Thanks for your intelligent & tallented blog !:))
With The All my Best Whishes to You and Your Family :) !!


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