Thursday, February 17, 2011

Toyota FJ Cruiser Obsession

I am starting to think that I may be slightly obsessed.

I bought a Toyota FJ Cruiser in 2007 and have been modifying it and bolting things on ever since.

This is a photo of me sitting in The Scorpion in a remote area between Kanab Utah and Bryce Canyon National Park. You'll notice that there is no road...

If you GOOGLE  "Toyota FJ Cruiser Wikipedia" and scroll to the bottom, the first two photos are of the Scorpion (one taken at Soda Lake south of Baker, California and the other taken near Payson, Arizona).

The question you should be asking is, "how much of that vehicle is still 'made by Toyota?" 

-ARB Bull Bar - Front Bumper
-DeMello Offroad rear bumper w/swing arm
-Bud Built front, middle, transmission and transfer case skidplates
-Bud Built rear crossmember and fuel tank skid plate
-Bud Built ARB spacer armor plate
-Inchworm e-locker motor skid
-Rear lower shock skid
-Rear differential plate (welded)
-DeMello hybrid sliders
-Manic tail light guards

-Walker Evans beadlock rims
-Nitto Terra Grapler tires (305/70R17)
-DeMello frame chop
-Icon racing shocks and front coil-overs
-OME heavy duty rear coil-overs (OME886)
-Icon racing front upper control arms
-Light Racing jounce shocks
-Icon lower control arms

-Lowrance Baja 540c GPS
-MAF aux. fuel tank (22 ga)
-Wet Okole seat covers
-Scangauge 2
-Aux. battery (Optima Yellowtop)
-Main battery (Optima Redtop)
-Dirty Parts aux. battery kit
-Circuit Boss 7 circuit fuse block
-6 REL40 40 amp custom amber switches
-Stebel Nautilus Compact air horn
-Passenger side arm rest
-2 x Wedco Jerry Cans (gas/water)
-Relocated the rear differential and e-locker breathers (scuba-driver mod)
-Fire extinguisher
-ARB Safari Snorkel
-Death Stalker Scorpion transfer case shift knob

-SPOT satellite tracker
-Midland 75-822 CB Radio
-CB Antenna - 5' Firestick
-Yaesu FT-1802 M/E 2 meter transceiver (HAM)
-Comet 3D5M mobile mounting hardware (HAM)
-2 meter diamond NR-770HA 2M/70CM 3/5.58db antenna for HAM

-Airflow headlight covers
-Hela Black Magic 6" Driving Lights
-N-Fab front light bar bracket with 3 Acro x1879M driving lights and 2 40 B/U PIAA flood lights
-N-Fab rear light bar bracket with 2 40 B/U PIAA flood lights
-2 Oznium flexible super thin (red) LED dome lights
-2 Puck (white) LED dome lights
-LED red dash lights replacing the white lights in the dash gauge lights

-Fiskars long handle axe
-Short handle shovel
-Long pry bar
-Eagle Talon
-Husqvarna 350 18" chainsaw
-Jumper cables
-Tool Kit
-JB Weld
-Spool of 1000' of 550 cord
-Roll(s) of 100 MPH/Rigger's tape
-FJC Spare parts

-Scorpion Mount - an endoskeleton made of steel to provide hard points and MPAC storage
-Pelican cases (modular storage of load-out)
-Four Treks shovel/axe mount
-Four Treks dual mount
-Springtail MPAC rack and MOLLE gear
-Springtail MPAC side rack

-20 lb CO2 Auxillery Tank (internal mount)
-10 lb CO2 Powertank
-Ingersol Rand #2135 TI pneumatic impact gun
-Powertank super coupler
-Stebel trailhead deflator
-ARB tire repair kit + spare valves and cores

-Warn XD9000 winch
-Viking kevlar winch line
-Winch safety thimble
-Viking delrin fairlead rollers
-Warn hitch shackle (and spare shackles)
-30' rescue strap
-100' braided steel line
-ARB Snatchblock
-Pull Pal
-4 x 3/4 ton D-rings
-ARB Bushranger X-Jack
-Hi-Lift Jack
-Wabfab slider attachment

-First Aid Kit (large)
-First Aid Kit (expanded - for expeditions)
-Misc. kit including compass, loaded day pack, 2 canteens, etc.)
-Model 78 Flare gun (26.5 mm) with star flares

If the Zombies arise from the dead, the vehicle is ready to repel the attack...


Euripides said...

I'm coming to your place in the next zombie holocaust. I'll bring the M4A1a and ammo. And water bottles.

AmandaFienPhotography said...

Ya I would say it's an that scorpion thing really on the side of your fj now? I swear I didn't see it on Sunday...or I wasn't paying attention.

Race Bannon said...

Young, AZ, would be a good place when the Zombies hit...

Race Bannon said...

BTW - the add thing you have runs that Anti-Christie Anti-Education Pro-Teachers-Union add...

LL said...

Race - Young, AZ is the perfect place to hole up when the Zombies attack. --- and I don't pick the Google ads.

Amanda - Photoshop

Euripides - the M14 or the M1 - either way.

darlin said...

And they say us women are bad with shoes! I had to laugh at your list, can you add anything else to your pride and joy?

When the Zombies attack send the jet to come and pick me up k? What a great photo opportunity!

west jordan toyota said...

I just want to make a long journey by this Toyota FJ Cruiser model.
All the specifications you provided really attracted me to drive this cruiser.

LL said...

West Jordan Toyota - My build up is outlined at

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