Wednesday, February 9, 2011

New Book

Bloody Mexico: A Novel of Cartel Wars hit the ether for Kindle today. The print version will follow. The book will also be translated into Spanish - likely release date for the Spanish version in June 2011. When it makes it to the Spanish market it will also be available on Kindle/e-books, etc.

The tide of publishing and the preference of readers seems to be headed in the direction of electronic media. As an author, I can track my sales nationally and internationally. There are different markets for books (both electronic and print) and the commission structure varies to some extent based on geography. To put it kindly, the profit associated with a book isn't all that great unless you're somebody in the limelight selling a million copies of your biography, or if you are Stephen King or a major author. 

Publishers like a sure thing. Niederhauser Andwendungen (Asia) Ltd., my publisher, is a subsidiary of a Swiss company, doing business in Hong Kong. So I'm clearly NOT top tier... And to make it worse, it's a family owned company (Niederhauser is a family name and we're from Switzerland originally). It makes me look like a fifth rate writer, which is precisely what I am. 

I can only hope that the books themselves bring entertainment... bringing the thought to mind of the feature film GLADIATOR, where Maximus (Russell Crowe) asks the crowd in the small colosseum in Africa, "ARE YOU NOT ENTERTAINED?"


AmandaFienPhotography said...

Can't wait to read it!

Euripides said...

I'll wait for the movie.

Just kidding.

Quiero leerlo en la versión español.

Sign me up.

Opus #6 said...


darlin said...

Congrats LL! A bit ahead of schedule which is a good thing.

I don't care what anybody says, not even're not a 5th rate writer, you're much better than that. As much as I goof off here, use slang and be myself instead of the scholar I'm learning to be, I know how to spot fantastic writing skills! Anybody who can write about war, men in trenches and drugs and have my attention all the way through a novel HAS to be a fantastic writer, that sort of stuff generally bores the hell right out of me. I couldn't put White Powder down!

Now I have to order a Kindle. So if I send you my Kindle will you autograph it? lol

WoFat said...


Amusing Bunni said...

Good Luck, LL! I don't have a kindle, I like the actual book in my hand, plus I have too many gadgets I don't use.

I'm sure it will be very entertaining! I hope you sell billions and get a cool movie made too!

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