Saturday, February 19, 2011

Toyota FJ Cruiser Moments

2007 Toyota FJ Cruiser:  The Scorpion   (LINK)

We actually drove deep into this mine - Death Valley, CA

Recovering a buggy that tried to follow... Martinez Canyon, AZ

It speaks for itself.

Taken in Southern AZ. It looks clean because I drove it
down a stream bed for miles. This area is presently off limits
because of high illegal alien/organized crime activity that the Federal
Government is controlling by telling US Citizens to "keep out".

Beaty, NV, near Death Valley.

Big Bear Lake, CA -- in early winter.


darlin said...

LL would that be a Keep Out sign on the brothel? How are they going to get any business now with a sign like that. lol

I love the photo of your Scorpion coming to the rescue of the buggy, silly person driving it was attempting to keep up to you? I wouldn't even try to do that with a vehicle identical to yours, that mine looks pretty freaky.

Opus #6 said...

Free all-night truck parking? I bet!

LL said...

Yes, Darlin and Opus, the brothel was closed. My son-in-law and I made a run past on our way to get fuel and I thought it would make a dynamite photo.

WoFat said...

Of course the House of Little Repute was closed. The new occupants of the area don't have much money. Still, I guess an exchange - heroin for nooky - might be arranged.

LL said...

At the edge of Death Valley, I think they might even accept cars that don't run, scrap metal, and used furniture.

Xmichra said...

lol.. i just like that you used the word "winter" in that photo.. lol... *sigh*

winter park toyota FJ Cruiser said...

Fine to see this Cruiser.
I hope you enjoyed this Toyota Cruiser very well in your journey.

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