Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Thoughts on Teachers

My daughter is a teacher - a very good one. 

For the past week, I've seen a different type of teacher parading across the television screen in Wisconsin. They don't seem like very good teachers. They went up to the sick slip booth (on camera) and proudly had a doctor sign a note that they were sick and thus they marched without losing a day's pay. Corruption, greed, and a total lack of sensitivity for the financial situation in Wisconsin or for those who don't enjoy the same level of pay and benefits that they (the teachers) do.

It's not about teachers being over or underpaid, it's about teachers as part of a union-machine, and it reeks. The teachers on television were screaming for workers of the world to unite, they had communist slogans painted on their signs and the self-centered mob howled while their classrooms had no teacher.

The teachers who caught the spotlight acted like spoiled children, impelled by their union masters and supported by a corrupt president and his SEIU thugs. The teachers I see who are marching and shouting have nothing in common with the sort of teachers I had growing up, who worked extra hours and took collateral duties in the school for the benefit of the students. 

I think that their stunt will end up backfiring on them horribly. The public pays their salaries. Ultimately the public votes. If they loose the confidence of the public with their union antics, the result becomes a forgone conclusion.


Opus #6 said...

Any so-called teacher who takes a fraudulent doctor's note and presents it as fact should be fired. I hope they track down all of these bad apples and can them.

WoFat said...

One does indeed hope they get their comeuppance. How dare they try to discipline students after doing what they're doing.

darlin said...

I personally thought that teachers are to be role models for the children, silly me. I sure the heck hope that the children who witness this ignorance don't grow up to be just like their deceitful, self serving teachers.

LL said...

The war against socialism and the struggle to pay our bills as a nation has all of us feeling the pinch. It will get worse before it gets better -- and teachers should be smart enough to know that.

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