Thursday, December 20, 2012

Argument in favor of Evolution

I know that many people believe that evolution from one species to another is a myth.

Some people accept that species evolve within an environment such as the shark (above).

Others hold that man somehow developed from an aquatic ape.

I've been doing research on my own by looking at the trendy youth of today (below).

And I think that it's plain that humans are evolving back into a species of fish.

There is a standard human on the left and on the right we see classic indications that those humanoids are well on the path to becoming fish.

In his book, Your Inner Fish, Neil Shublin discusses how humans evolved from fish. The good doctor is afraid (or so it seems) to take that theory one step further.

But is there only one evolutionary track available for humans? Some people suggest that we are not only heading for the ocean, but for the wallow as well:


Opus #6 said...

I was watching a show this morning where one man criticized another by saying that the first man danced like a fish out of water.

I think this supports your theory.

Coffeypot said...

I believe I am morphing into the last picture. Judy says I eat that Waffle House Slop all the time.

WoFat said...

Some evolve, others revolve.

Euripides said...

Just looking at Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid makes me a firm believer in devolution.

Azra said...

You may be on to something here. It would explain the vast differences in intellect too! :)

LL said...

Azra - Yes, I think that the devolution of the species started first with a reduction in IQ.

Euripides - As with politicians worldwide.

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