Tuesday, December 4, 2012

We Elected the Wrong Guy

Everybody in the mainstream media enjoyed cracking on Governor Mitt Romney, the Republican Party's nominee for president. They called him an out-of-touch rich guy. I'll admit that he's a lot richer than I am, but he shops at Costco, just the same as I do.

What are the chances that after the Presidential Election, you'd see Barack and Michelle buying Christmas wrapping paper, household items and toys for the grandkids in Costco? Setting aside the fact that they don't have grandchildren, my guess is that there is not a chance of that happening. You see, the Romneys don't employ housekeepers, drivers, cooks or other servants. Mitt still irons his own shirts and helps Ann with the cooking and cleaning.

As it so happens, both Mitt and I bought our grandsons the same toy cars, and we both use Kirkland paper towels... I'll take the guy who shops for stuff like everyone else as a leader before I'll take any elitist progressive stuffed shirt.


WoFat said...

Several million people know that the wrong guy is in office. More should know it as time goes on.

Azra said...

Think it's awesome that he irons his own shirts :)

LL said...

Azra - There's something about doing for yourself that speaks to character.

WoFat - Yes, it's self-evident.

Race Bannon said...

They painted him as something he was not, while ignoring what the President is.

I just returned from DC. I went into one of those tacky gift shops (looking for a tacky gift) and in the back they still had a bunch of Romney and Ryan stuff...I welled up with anger that I guess I have been suppressing, and thoughts of where we could be headed, instead of this "compromise" where the Right gives in to what we know will hurt the country, made me think- it may be better for the long run to make no deal, compromise no principle, let the political chips fall where they may, and force the press, and the Left to own the results.

We received word that there is no plan to deal with sequestration cuts, but be prepared for furloughs...exactly, I thought, the GLBT posters and programs will continue, but employees will lose pay, and work will be put on hold....and just then I drove past the Supreme Court, and that crazy dude that is usually behind the White House (relocated for the inauguration) was there with his sign "welcome to Sodom and Gomorrah"...

LL said...

Sodom on the Potomac...but it's been that for quite some time.

I think that the only solution is the Simpson-Bowles proposal. Take the hit, feel the pain and then put what we can behind us and try to rebuild. The politicians will not take that choice.

And irrespective, the mainstream media will support the uber left.

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