Sunday, December 23, 2012

Gun Control Reimagined

In a perfect nation, the only legal rapid fire weapons with high capacity magazines would be in the possession of people who protect politicians from people wielding illegal rapid fire weapons with high capacity magazines.

Is that logic flawed?

Who protects the common innocent mass - the great unwashed - from criminals? The answer goes something like this. "They are on their own. They have no status, no elite cadres of bodyguards and no need for bodyguards because they are not elite. If they have a problem, they can call the police. And the police will come if they are not busy protecting (higher priority) politicians." 

Those who think that this idea makes sense also buy off on the notion that the State should have a monopoly on dispensing "legitimate violence".

When you look at the photo (right) you may ask yourself, "why is that chucklehead smiling?" Why the shit-eating grin? Then if you look closely down to the border of the photo (lower left) you'll note that he has a holstered Glock 21 (chambering a .45 ACP). Are armed people happier people?


Race Bannon said...

I feel naked without one...I think there are websites for that.

PS - It clashes a little with the pink

Opus #6 said...

You might be able to sell the idea to progressives if you package it correctly.

Radical Redneck said...

President Obama used the six weeks after his election to remain in full campaign mode and attack the GOP relentlessly with the intent of marginalizing House Speaker John Boehner.
Obama REFUSES to address "Operation Fast & Furious."and yet he is so out spoken when it comes to the NRA.
More than three hundred people are DEAD because of Obama and Holder, almost TWELVE TIMES the number of dead in Sandy Hook, Connecticut....
It's a well known fact that gun laws aren´t aimed at criminals but average law abiding citizens.The worst shooting areas in the country all probably have assault weapons bans
WHY was Obama FORCING GUNS into the hands of Mexican drug cartels?

WHY is he hiding behind executive privilege?

WHY are these networks refusing to seek the TRUTH in this matter?

If the NRA is going to be persecuted for standing up for Second Amendment rights, Barack Obama and his cronies should be persecuted with the FACTS!
The whole point of the liberal/progressive movement is to free the government from the constitution and thereby replace freedom with a socialist dictatorship. We have more than enough laws. These killers are crazy they don't obey the laws, so why punish the public with more laws that aren't going to mean anything to these crazy people.

LL said...

Race - That's not "pink", it's "salmon" (said with slight lisp)

Opus #6 - I doubt it. Progressives feel that THEY are the elite who would require the protection of heavily armed and dangerous men -- against everyone else.

Redneck - They are Orwellian, and they're evil.

WoFat said...

Does Santa go armed? Is his sled equipped with rapid fire weapons? Merry Christmas to one and all.

LL said...

WoFat - If Santa wasn't armed to the teeth, he'd never make it out of the ghetto intact.

Euripides said...

Of course Santa is armed. He just brought me a new Springfield RO .45. And that brought a smile to my face.

WoFat said...

In some areas, I think Santa carries napalm packages.

LL said...

Euripides - Santa Claus must feel that you've been good this year.

WoFat - He needs to.

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